Warm-Up Oilsjt Omploft: CYCLONE + Carnation ...

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance & vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts

De avond voor Oilsjt Omploft XI zal er een warm-up zijn met thrash-legende Cyclone en onze deathmetal-trots Carnation (+ twee andere bands). Mensen met een ticket voor zaterdag, kunnen die omruilen naar een combi door te mailen naar rocknload@telenet.be, dan lossen wij dat op.
De hotel-reservaties zijn wel geannuleerd. Dus als je wilt blijven overnachten, moet je die opnieuw reserveren.

Vrijdag 18 maart 2022 (avond voor Oilsjt Omploft XI) @ Sint-Annazaal, Aalst

Deuren: 18u - Start: 18u30

Ticketprijzen incl. kosten:

Vrijdag: 20€ (vvk online) / 25€ (adk)

Zaterdag: 22€ (vvk online) / 25€ (adk)

Combi: 39€ (vvk online)

Info overnachtingen, openbaar vervoer, etc.: http://www.oilsjtomploft.be/

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Cyclone (be)

Although Cyclone originally started out in Vilvoorde in 1981, it's safe to say that this Belgian thrashband is at home in Aalst. Their first festival appearance, supporting Destruction at St-Annazaal in … yes, Aalst, is stated as a landmark gig, selling shitloads of "In The Grip of Evil" demos and setting hell loose for years to come.

Despite two highly acclaimed albums, a solid live reputation supporting bands like Metallica, Kreator, Sepultura, Slayer, Overkill, Anthrax,… and the perfect momentum that the 80's were for thrash metal, Cyclone didn't quite get the recognition that they deserved and called it quits in 1993. Nevertheless, a big (inter)national cult status and following was and still is their part.

Fast forward 25 years, Stefaan Daamen and Guido Gevels join forces with Matthias Debaets ( ex-Indemnity) on drums, Kevin Verleysen on lead guitar and Vincent Heyman on bass, bringing Cyclone back to life. While their first small tryouts in 2019 proved that Cyclone is definitely back, Oilsjt Omploft 2022 promises to be their first headline show, back at St-Annazaal! Ready for another landmark?!

Carnation (be)

Our very own death metal pride could not be missed on this party right? Cause that’s the least we can say after their fantastic “Chapel Of Abhorrence” album. If they can tear down the walls at the Asakusa Deathfest, they are very welcome to repeat this in Aalst. You don’t know them yet. Think Swedish style (Entombed, Bloodbath) or English style (Bolt Thrower) heavyness. And wasn’t it the latter that was once compared with an groundsplitting chainsaw? No more comment!

Support act 2

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Support act 3

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