Rotting Out + Broken Teeth + Animal Club

Rotting Out + Broken Teeth + Animal Club

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance en vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts

Dinsdag 19 november 2019 @ Cinema, Aalst

Deuren: 19u - Start: 19u30

VVK: 16€ (incl. kosten) - ADK: 19€

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Animal Club ?:? - ?:?

Broken Teeth ?:? - ?:?

Rotting Out ?:? - ?:?

ROTTING OUT (us - hardcore/punk)

Straight out of LA this is the high adrenaline kinda hardcore. Sure to get you on fire, running circles and hitting in to random people. Fast, brutal and relentless hardcore you want? You got it.

Rotting Out - facebook

BROKEN TEETH (uk - hardcore/metal)

Manchester hardcore breakin’ big with an ultra violent metal sound. Killing the underground since 2007 and singed to Nuclear Blast in 2016 this intense tight outfit knows every way to tear down your stage. Beware of flying human limbs in the process.

Broken Teeth - facebook

ANIMAL CLUB (be - youth crew hardcore)

Pure hardcore with a strong PMA bringing short songs for wild pits. Get your head straight and become an animal too. These fucked up times need Youth Crew.

Animal Club - facebook

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