OILSJT OMPLOFT pre-party: No Redeeming Social Value + Scheisse Minnelli + Turbowarrior Of Steel + Brewed In Belgium + Spauch

OILSJT OMPLOFT pre-party: No Redeeming Social Value + Scheisse Minnelli + Turbowarrior Of Steel + Brewed In Belgium + Spauch

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance & vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts

Vrijdag 22 maart 2019 @ JH Ter Linden, Aalst

Deuren: 18u - Start: 18u30

VVK (online): 15€ (incl. kosten) - ADK: 18€

Info overnachtingen, openbaar vervoer, etc.: http://www.oilsjtomploft.be/

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2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of Oilsjt Omploft Fest, but also of the end of Jh Terlinden, the place where this punk/thrash/hardcore madness started out. This pre-party is both the celebration of our anniversary as our goodbye to the place that gave us the opportunity to start this festival..

Exclusive Belgian clubshow with:

NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE (hardcore/punk - Usa)

There ain’t no party like a No Redeeming Social Value partyyyy! Started out as a joke in Queens, New York, this hardcore/punk/thrash band is known as a high-energy, roitously entertaining, infamous and legendary NYHC band, with well-known hits include: "Skinheads Rule", "Chicken", "OLDE-E", "Pussy,Pussy, Pussy", and "Still Drinking"....among others. As much as they have studio albums, it’s all about the live shows with NRSV, point being proven by the 2010 High In Holland live album. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a bette band to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Oilsjt Omploft Fest. Exclusive show, limited capacity, cheap beers!

SCHEISSE MINNELLI (hardcore/punk/thrash - Ger)

Scheisse Minnelli channels the spirits of the sound and attitude of 80s west coast hc skate punk, blending raw punk riffing with musical prowess and poigniant lyrics that range from social issues to personal struggles into to a style all their own. Dedicated to their music and their often wreckless lifestyle, Scheisse Minnelli are a rare and shining example of practicing what one preaches. Though they’ve evolved…matured?...over the years, they show no signs of ever changing or calling it quits.

TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL (crossover partythrash - Be)

Here’s the official biography for Turbowarrior of Steel: “The Most Alkohölik Partymix of Crossover Thrash, Rock & Roll Punk & Singalong Hardcore...like the Beastie Boys on steroids!” That’s the kind of band you need for a NRSV support right? Since 2012 these turbothrashers have been working hard, which paid off over the last few years, with lots of european shows, tours in Brasil, shows at Ieperfest, at our very own Oilsjt Omploft Fest,... It’s good to have this insane threesome back on our stage.

BREWED IN BELGIUM (hardcore/punk - Be)

Made out of the finest Tournai malt and heavily inspired by No Redeeming Social Value, Murphy’s Law,… this hardcore/punk/beerdrinking outfit couldn't be missed on this line-up. Albums as “Open Bar”, “In Beer We Trust” and describing themselves as Beercore-Crossover don't leave much to the imagination, so you know what to expect. Beer and punk!

SPAUCH (metal/noise/fun - Be)

Spauch literally means “vomit”. This mystery project by ex-members of some local metalbands started as a joke, before the song “Kabouter Met Kak Op” made them worldfamous in the Alosta Underground. For the occassion they will be playing a very exclusive show!

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