Midnight + Kludde

Midnight + Kludde

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance en vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts

Woensdag 17 april 2019 @ Cinema, Aalst

Deuren: 19u - Start: 19u30

VVK: 18€ (incl. kosten) - ADK: 20€

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Originaly formed by Athenar as a side project of Boulder, this hobby got out of hand pretty quickly. Meanwhile the band can be called a hype amongst fans of the more morbid kind of thrash/speed metal. This point being proven by a seemlesly unending list of splits and releases, including this years Professor Black/Midnight single. Appearences on quite prestigious festivals and stages have been Midnight’s part over the last few years, so it was about time they visited Aalst for an exceptional evening indeed. Not to be missed!


The Ghost Of Kludde will make an exclusive appearance this evening in its hometown. Nough Said.

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