GBH + This Means War + Belgian Asociality + Capital Scum

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance, vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts & Nosta

Het concert van GBH is verplaatst naar dinsdag 17 mei 2022.

Tickets van eerdere data, 17 maart 2020 en 16 maart 2021, blijven geldig.

Dinsdag 17 mei 2022 @ Nosta, Opwijk

Deuren: 18u30 - Start: 19u15 - Einde GBH: 23u

VVK: 17€ (incl. kosten) - ADK: 20€

Exclusieve Belgische clubshow met:

GBH (uk)

The godfathers of European hardcore on the menu. Punk as fuck sick boys since 1979 got a new album - Momentum - out on Hellcat Rec. and are touring their 40th anniversary. Still very much alive and never into weak shit they go for a good time all the time. So come down for a solid uppercut of original punkrock and pay your respects. Cheers!

This Means War (nl/be)

Punk from the lowlands. If you haven’t picked up this “slogan” you must have been living under a punkrock/oi rock for the last 2 years. When members of Discipline, Convict, Hidden Guns, Superhero feel the urge to start a new band, you know they are not gonna fool around. From day one, after locking themselves up in the rehearsal room for several months, it was clear that these guys know what they are doing. Straightforward punkrock anthems, paying tribute to the legendary punk/oi bands, a high quality EP, a well received full length “Heartstrings” on Demons Run Amok / Pirate Press Records and lot’s of shows got the train rolling … fast! You might have seen them on Rebellion Festival, Groezrock, Jera On Air, Sound Of Revolution,… but if not, just check them out as GBH toursupport!

Belgian Asociality (be)

Deze rekels stonden al héél lang op ons verlanglijstje. Waarom dan niet boeken? Simpel toch! Nja, deze band is gewoon cultureel erfgoed mijne dames en heren en moet als dusdanig behandeld worden. Ik zou bijna zeggen, subsidieer die handel. De Nosta is de juiste zaal en GBH en Capital Scum zijn het juiste gezelschap. Wees nu eens astamblieft niet asociaal en zorg dat je elk nummer komt meebrullen. Want kennen doe je ze toch zonder twijfel.

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Capital Scum (be)

The belgian punk/hardcore scene of the 80’s had a few “hot” areas. We had Aalst in our areay, but a bit further away there was the infamous Hageland Hardcore scene, which was practically invented by hardcore punks Capital Scum. Althought you can’t tell by their current enthousiasm and hunger to play shows, they have been on stage since 1984, making them one of the most active survivors of those times. The fact that they are releasing a split album with another legendary band called Agathocles, shows that even after all this time, they’d rather look into the future than into the past.

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