Desaster + Slaughter Messiah + Excruciate 666 

Organisatie: vzw Hambiance en vzw Rock 'n Load Concerts

Het concert van DESASTER is verplaatst naar zaterdag 2 oktober 2021.

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Zaterdag 2 oktober 2021 @ Cinema, Aalst

Deuren: 19u - Start: 19u30

VVK: 20€ (incl. kosten) - ADK: 23€

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DESASTER (ger - black/thrash metal)

What’s a wolfpack without a leader? And that’s certainly what Desaster is for the pack of underground black/thrash bands. These gentlemen grew up with the bad breath of the oldest Sodom and Destruction tracks like, yes, “Total Desaster, breathing down their neck. They, for their part, were influenced by blackened pioneers Venom, Hellhammer and the likes. The black/thrash phenomenon quickly became a subgenre, quite simultaneously with the Norwegian black wave, creating a fanatic following. Point proven by our previous shows with Aura Noir, Midnight and Ketzer. Better not sleep on this! Blood, fire, lust and steel!

SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (be - black/thrash metal)

Every genre has its Motörhead and so does the black/thrash pack. More than 10 years and still going strong. A demo once and a while, and EP, destroying a few stages, nothing more, nothing less. With illustrious members like Iron Bitch Desecrator’, ‘Lord Sabathan’, Exhumator en euh…..John Berry on the bandroll, you know the deal. More over did the latter play our Oilsjt Omploft Fest with his other band. Anyone fancy a quiz?

EXCRUCIATE 666 (fr - black/thrash metal)

With the addition of these French gentlemen, we complete this evening of black/thrash delight. For Excruciate 666 more specifically, the emphasis clearly lies on that first subgenre. Do note that they started in 1994, when the first “black wave” from Norway was only just in full swing. We strongly suggest you check out their latest effort “Porkus Filth’s Crusher”.

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